You are politicizing it

Talking Political aspect of something is not same as playing politics. This pandemic is killing people but what’s worse is that our health infrastructure is failing them, building which was the responsibility of our elected representatives. Do we understand that? Who is responsible for this failure? What preparations we made in the last year? None of these questions will be answered unless we ask them, which does come under politics but is not the same as politicizing an issue

  1. You are spreading negativity

Criticizing something is the most positive approach towards solution because denial is catastrophic and we are witnessing it. Experts have been pointing out red flags in our preparations throughout the year only to receive insults and abuse. If government had listened to them, thousands of lives could’ve been saved. Yes we all want to feel good, stay positive & optimistic, but this shouldn’t happen on the cost of truth. Staying in denial will only cause more death.

  1. India has too much population

When a party can gain votes from this much population to form this government then they are equally responsible for the well being of this population. Yes we are so many, so what? Wasn’t this established already? Didn’t we know of our numbers before the pandemic even began? The population argument is a stupid excuse at best. Government can construct and run a system that can collect tax from each citizen yet it becomes a cry baby when it comes to serving that very population.

  1. No one could’ve expected an outbreak at such a large scale

Since the beginning of this pandemic, Health experts around the world were announcing that this virus is gonna stay for a long time, that the second wave will be worse than the first and if we’re not prepared consequences will be apocalyptical. Moreover, when you’re organising Political rallies & Religious events, in the middle of a pandemic, with people gathering in monstrous proportions, you lose the right to say that you didn’t expect it.

  1. It is people’s fault

A large proportion of the country’s population is still under the impression that Covid-19 is either a conspiracy or not as big a threat as the news suggests. The cause of this dogma is that the Indian Government did nothing to discard such notions. They rather amplified it by letting the miracle cures suggested by the people & their party members create an environment of confusion and distrust. 

Even now, one year into the pandemic the biggest faces of the ruling party are strengthening this stupidity among people by prioritising election rallies with their faces wide open in the crowd they themselves gathered. People are neither equipped nor trained to handle a pandemic so it’s Government’s responsibility to do so with their control on information & other resources. Failure in which is Government’s failure, the rising number of cases doesn’t absolve anyone of their responsibility.

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