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Bullshit Arguments given to Defend the Government

You are politicizing it

Talking Political aspect of something is not same as playing politics. This pandemic is killing people but what’s worse is that our health infrastructure is failing them, building which was the responsibility of our elected representatives. Do we understand that? Who is responsible for this failure? What preparations we made in the last year? None of these questions will be answered unless we ask them, which does come under politics but is not the same as politicizing an issue

  1. You are spreading negativity

Criticizing something is the most positive approach towards solution because denial is catastrophic and we are witnessing it. Experts have been pointing out red flags in our preparations throughout the year only to receive insults and abuse. If government had listened to them, thousands of lives could’ve been saved. Yes we all want to feel good, stay positive & optimistic, but this shouldn’t happen on the cost of truth. Staying in denial will only cause more death.

  1. India has too much population

When a party can gain votes from this much population to form this government then they are equally responsible for the well being of this population. Yes we are so many, so what? Wasn’t this established already? Didn’t we know of our numbers before the pandemic even began? The population argument is a stupid excuse at best. Government can construct and run a system that can collect tax from each citizen yet it becomes a cry baby when it comes to serving that very population.

  1. No one could’ve expected an outbreak at such a large scale

Since the beginning of this pandemic, Health experts around the world were announcing that this virus is gonna stay for a long time, that the second wave will be worse than the first and if we’re not prepared consequences will be apocalyptical. Moreover, when you’re organising Political rallies & Religious events, in the middle of a pandemic, with people gathering in monstrous proportions, you lose the right to say that you didn’t expect it.

  1. It is people’s fault

A large proportion of the country’s population is still under the impression that Covid-19 is either a conspiracy or not as big a threat as the news suggests. The cause of this dogma is that the Indian Government did nothing to discard such notions. They rather amplified it by letting the miracle cures suggested by the people & their party members create an environment of confusion and distrust. 

Even now, one year into the pandemic the biggest faces of the ruling party are strengthening this stupidity among people by prioritising election rallies with their faces wide open in the crowd they themselves gathered. People are neither equipped nor trained to handle a pandemic so it’s Government’s responsibility to do so with their control on information & other resources. Failure in which is Government’s failure, the rising number of cases doesn’t absolve anyone of their responsibility.

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How To Make An FIR Proof Toolkit

Begin with a seemingly endless explanation of how all religions are great or How the religion belonging to the majority of the population is greater (Depends upon your country). Just to make sure you don’t hurt any imaginary, pride-less, eternally caring omnipotent being in the sky without even referring to it. (“Sky” because a deity is everywhere but down in the ground which itself ironically is in the upward direction for a human on the opposite side of the planet. Just saying)

  1.  Add a list of all castes of all religions around the globe and request them to take heed to the fact that whatever that follows doesn’t concern them if they’re anywhere in that list. Just to make sure you don’t cause social unrest among them. 
  1. Now you can begin explaining the real issue or as the government calls it “reform” that “A FEW PEOPLE” (even if they’re in thousands or millions) are protesting against. But before you do that you have to go to the nearest Tehsil to generate a certificate as proof that you’ve read and understand what you’re about to explain. Please attach it to the toolkit document otherwise it will be considered not only invalid but also a breach in national security which is somehow so easy to break but that’s all your fault. 
  1. Now that you’ve begun explaining the subject of your toolkit, don’t forget to add a disclaimer after each sentence that you write or each word if possible. This disclaimer may contain the first two steps fully or partially. We recommend you do the former.
  1. Once you’re finished making a toolkit, now comes the question of what to do with it. The best approach would be to burn it/delete it as soon as you can to avoid any undesirable consequences. If that’s not possible you should first go to the nearest tehsil for verification of your document. After the verification erase all you’ve written except step 1 and you’ll be good to go. You can now share it in public spaces without having to worry about police cases and written, spoken, or physical abuse against you or your loved ones. If data erase is not an option you can support the protesters who are experiencing a completely real crisis, by sharing your toolkit with them and other sympathizers to make them correctly informed and organized in their conduct and expect people who don’t even know you or have seen you, demand your life in the following days.
  1. Even if you follow the above instructions, there’s still maybe an FIR lodged against you. But hey, you can never tell what’s going to happen. So don’t say we didn’t tell you.
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Why Hindus Will Still Remain “खतरे में” Even After The Construction of Ram Mandir

Since a lot of so-called motivational speakers/social-media-influencers are claiming on behalf of every Hindu that everything they ever wanted was the ‘Ram Mandir’ and labeling everyone who disagrees as leftist, libtard, secularist and paid by opposition parties, etc. Let us answer this for you.

First, they begin by asking why Hindus have to be denied the largest religious structure like Mecca, Golden Temple, Vatican’s Church, Great Synagogue, or Mahabodhi Temple, but the fact is we already have one. ‘Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple’ in Tamilnadu is the largest functioning Hindu temple of the world (covering 156 acres) with such grandeur that it is described as a ‘City Within Itself’. It is dedicated to ‘Lord Vishnu’ and Ram being the avatar of Vishnu, we can say, we already have the largest ram mandir.

Now they say it’s not just about the god but the place itself and Ayodhya is the holiest city of India, but how do you decide which place is the holiest? Is it the god? Is it the next location you want a temple to be built? More details awaited.

Even if the city is holiest, why demand the exact place where Babri mosque stood, the whole city is holiest after all. Don’t say that it’s the birthplace of Ram. A lot of temples in Uttar Pradesh claim to be the same (even outside of it).

Now they say that they offered to build the mosque at some other place but ‘Mullahs’ (yes that derogatory term) didn’t budge. One, what part of the dispute you don’t understand. Both sides want the same thing why one would negotiate when you don’t want to. Two, it’s not about having a mosque but about a historical structure that stood for almost 500 years.

They say that Hindus have been taken for granted for far too long just to massage the ego of minorities. Seriously? Do you think those greedy and power-thirsty politicians (of all parties) ever care about the ego of the smallest vote banks?

Ranganathaswamy, Kashi Vishwanath, Shirdi sai, Chaar Dham, Chattarpur, Akshardham, Belur Math, Ramakrishna, Thillai Natraj, Brihadeeshwarar, Annamalaiyar, Dakshineshwar Kali, Vaishno Devi are just a few examples of countless largest & holiest places of Hindus in India. Yet we want another one. Who’s massaging who’s ego now?

Are we going to stop before we make the largest structure for all 33 crores of gods & demigods because then we might not even have a place to build our home?

Now they say Ram Mandir is not just any other temple, it’s the symbol of our independence from Mughals. Well, the last Mughal king died more than 150 years ago. In short, they don’t exist anymore so who are you going to brandish this symbol in front of?

As a matter of fact, many Mughals such as Akbar, Jahangir, Allaudin-II, Nawabs of Oudh, Adil Shah, etc. constructed many temples (a few of them were built in Ayodhya), gave free land to temple caretakers, translated Hindu scriptures in other languages, built libraries to preserve Hindu documents, and happily participated in Hindu festivals.

On the other hand, Hindu Kings even before the era of Mughals used to destroy temples & steal statues of the kingdoms they conquered in war.

Both worlds broke the boundaries we thought they couldn’t. Religion was just there it was not the primary cause of it, but now we are told that Mughals were only the oppressor and the Hindus were oppressed and we deserve to right the wrongs that have been done to us. In the eyes of these people only two things matter, vengeance, and superiority. Everything else, like the argument of Mughal oppression, is just an excuse to justify their Islamophobia and the hate exercised against Muslims.

When questioned with the ongoing crisis across the country like jobs, flood, economy, security, etc. they argue that the construction of Ram Mandir will create many job opportunities like flower sellers, pandit (priest), prasad seller, gatekeeper, lighting on a special occasion, etc. Job opportunity? Does the flower seller sound like a job opportunity? It’s a job, yes, but an opportunity? No. Just put yourself in the place, do you want to be a flower seller? Would it give you the money to buy that internet subscription to post your opinion on social media? What more seems like a job opportunity, a school teacher, doctor, government employee, or a flower seller? Which job will reduce the duration of return on investment (ROI)?

In the end, all we have to say is be proud of who you are but not at the expense of belittling others and ignoring rationality. Not everything can be justified under the name of culture, faith, and preferential existence. If you think ancient vengeance and superiority is the ultimate purpose of culture and religion, you should at least read your holy books that teach “वसुधैव कुटुंबकम्” (along with some history books too). For Hindus will always remain in danger unless we remove hatred, propaganda, and contempt from our presumptuous mind.



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Everything Wrong about Hantavirus

Image Source: Google

Recently it started spreading on social media that China has experienced a new virus outbreak named as “Hanta Virus”. The internet quickly took the information and began serving it to you without any form of confirmation as memes, jokes, and tweets et cetera et cetera. With the false rumor, about Coronavirus being a biological weapon made by china, lurking in the corners of internet; this new information was like adding fuel to the fire. But the question still remain, is it true? Let’s see some facts you should know about Hantvirus.

What is Hantavirus?

Orthohantavirus, which is commonly known as ‘Hantavirus’ is a family of virus which comes under the order of ‘Bunyavirales’. Rodents are the host of this virus but it doesnt cause any illness in them. It is named after Hantan River situated in South Korea where an outbreak occured initially. It is fatal and has a 38% mortality rate.

Is it a New Virus?

No. The very first outbreak is said to be during the war between USA and South Korea (1950-53). A South Korean virologist named Ho-Wang Lee isolated the Hantavirus from a striped field mice in 1976. So it is not a new virus and it did not originated in China.

How does a human get Infected?

One can get infected if come in contact with saliva, excrete, and urine of infected rodents. Another way is being bitten by an infected rodent.

Does it Spread Among Humans?

Except for one specie of Hantavirus known as ‘Andes Orthohantavirus’, it does not spread among humans. Therefore it is wasy to avoid being infected if we just keep away from rodents and clean our surroundings regularly.

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