Internet may not be tangible but its effects definitely are. It educates, entertains and changes everyone gradually. While in this critical and intense period of nationwide lockdown giant media houses are playing “Antakshari”, internet is outdoing itself in establishing a hostile perspective into people’s mind through rumours, Pseudoscience, fake cures and hate speeches. It includes a new debate as to ” Whether we should really be criticizing governance in this time of crisis?” So let’s breakdown the arguments to find out why you should or shouldn’t.

Arguement #1 ‘Pandemic is a Very Sensitive Issue’

Some people find it very insensitive to comment on government’s actions right now as they are trying their best. It may be true but if the condition will grow worse than they already are due to late or wrong decisions then we are doomed. The objective of criticism here is to save lives. It should be treated as insights from experienced people to find out the loopholes and execution errors in government’s decisions. Otherwise it will only lead to failure of the government and no amount of money will help us from recovering the damage done to our country and the people we’ve lost. Therefore, just donations are not enough, people have to participate by following medical experts’ guildelines and helping anyone in need, no matter what color, cast or religion.

Arguement #2 ‘Keep Your Politics Aside At This Moment’

Asking questions is seen as opportunitism by the defenders but if a question is asked at the right time it is not opportunitism but the exact opposite. Why fear discussing politics in a politically dependent society? It is not wrong to point out the class based discrimination where we are safe in their homes and on the other side underprivileged people are being treated as filth. We experienced first Covid-19 case on 30th January but still it took too long for government to take necessary decisions. It is evident that not only government but people also did not take social Distancing as seriously as they should. Even now we can’t come to a solution unless we debate, discuss and let people criticize what’s wrong with our methods.

Arguement #3 ‘Your Hypocrisy Exposed, You Can’t Stand India Being Able to Find Its Own Cure to This Disease’

In this day and age where an overwhelming amount of information is served to us on the internet it is very easy to fall prey to red-herrings. Those who try to debunk those false rumours are being told to shut up as they are suggesting rational & scientific approach which is completely offesive to a primitive mindset. Is it not absurd that some Godmen have found multiple cures without having to comprehend what it is for, exactly?

It shouldn’t be hard to admit that we don’t know everything and will need time to come up with something tangible. We just need do things the way they should be done. Every Indian researcher is working hard to find a cure, like Minal Bhonsle who developed Covid-19 test kit. We need to have trust in their efforts.


We have to agree that asking hard questions in hard times is not inhumane. We have to agree that it is not a contest, a question of national or religious superiority over others. There are thousands of lives at stake. What we can do to contribute is to help each other, educate each other and have patience. Do that and we’ll be able to go through with this. Maybe then we will be grateful of these questions and remember them as the positive note we were looking for.

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