In this time of global crisis due to Covid-19 pandemic, health is the top priority of every country. It calls for some extreme measures and they are doing their best with the available resources to tackle the trouble, but some have started to take advantage of the situation. They are robbing citizens of their democratic rights like right to Privacy. The ” Health Emergency” has become an excuse to execute cruel policies. This begs the question, “Are we exaggerting or is there really something, happening behind the curtains, that we need to worry about?”

Sensitive Data Collection

As of now when we do not have the cure for the virus the best way is to prevent it by eliminating any chance of further exposure to healthy people. Location tracing is the most accepted solution for this in which authorities track your location to determine whether you came in contact even remotely with an infected individual. Aarogya Setu is the government’s official app inspired from similar actions taken by South Korea.
Right now this seems like the appropriate way to deal with Covid-19 but there’s a good chance that government might misuse the collected information after we’ve outgrown our current situation.

Suppression of Constructive Criticism

Lockdown is the best solution we can opt for now but we too need to agree we are not well-equipped to take such measures. The panicked, chaotic and hunger-struck crowd of Daily Wage Labourers on the road is the proof of it. Both our economic condition and health infrastructure is terribly weak to fight even common diseases let alone a pandemic. In order to get through these difficult times we need to accept faults of the past and openly work towards correcting them, instead Doctors/Health workers who raise concern over lack of resources and PPE kits are being silenced through accusation & harassment. This tendency of putting freedom of speech into some special bracket away from common people will only make things worse. Those in power need to understand that this is not a fight for superiority or pride, but for life of each and every citizen including their own.

Curious Case of Hungary

Throughout history there have been instances when government took most of the power in their hands in times of emergencies, but can you imagine losing all power to one whole entity. A democracy turning into tyranny as an excuse. That’s what happened in Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has passed a law, overpowering all opposition, that grants him absolute power in the country during the Covid-19 crisis. It is a classic example of a democracy that is anything but.


Each and every one of us citizen wants this to be over as soon as possible. We are facing difficulties of our own and the last thing we need is to be suppressed & abused by the governance. We shouldn’t be forced to make a choice between health and freedom. Dissent is not anti-national and questions are the only thing that will help us getting out of this pandemic.

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